Celebration On the Lake Church
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Meet our Pastor
Ever since she was 12 years old, Rev. Mary Clair Lowrance wanted to be a minister. And for the past 27 years, she has been involved in ministry. She has served as pastor of small churches and large churches. She has been minister to older adults, youth and children. She has directed pastoral care and congregational life. Her ministry has also included being a hospice chaplain.
“We don’t know what the future holds, but we definitely know who holds the future! We have trusted God who has led us this far and God will continue to guide our journey and direct our dreams we have for our Church and for our community.”

Pastor Mary Clair Email: pastor@cotl.church
Rev. Mary Clair Lowrance
Rev. Mary Clair Lowrance
Church History
A group of friends with weekend homes on the lake began to miss the fellowship of church and approached Rev. Carol West of Celebration Community Church in Ft. Worth (who also has a weekend home here) to help us out!  Carol and CCC agreed to get us started in 2003.  We met for the first time on April 5th of that year, quickly growing with not just weekenders but full-timers  too!   Carol continued to come down and conduct services on Saturday mornings for about 2 years; We spun off on our own at that time, under the very capable leadership of Kathy Bowser.  We moved into our new 4800 sq. ft. facility on May 31, 2009 and are now better able to serve the lake community.  God has truly blessed us!